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What We Do

First Page, First Place. That’s the Goal

First page placement is essential to getting found on the internet. 95% of all purchasing decisions start with online search. Which basically means if you do not have a digital marketing strategy in place, your business is going to suffer. Get found online in Youngstown, Ohio with the premier digital marketing agency in the area!

Managing content such as case studies, links, social media and paid search all play a factor into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and local SEO. We will collaborate with your organization to generate compelling content and integrate a comprehensive plan to manage your online presence to get you found online!

Small Investment,
Big Results

Paid search (PPC), whether it’s through Google, Facebook or another social media site is one of the most cost effective and highly measurable advertising mediums to market a business. CYO will work with you to develop a strategic plan aligned to your goals using targeted ads with keywords and phrases, in highly targeted geographic areas to generate leads. Performance of campaigns are highly measurable and able to adjust based on your budget, paying only for people that click on your ads!


Integrating social media to get customer interaction, monitor customer activity and demand generation is a necessity in the new digital age. We specialize in identifying which social media sites are right for your business, work with you to generate content and provide ongoing management to generate leads. Expertise with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and many more!


Create targeted email lists, layout scheduling, generate content and manage ongoing campaigns that generate leads. Building an email list is vital to communicating with your existing customers and engaging prospects. Keeping content relevant and compelling so people want to open email is a science. We will devise a plan based on recognized best practices that will get your information in front of customers.

Your Message

A company blog serves as the hub or catalyst for all digital marketing activity by creating compelling posts that generate interest from targeted audiences. Linking all social media to landing pages is a sure way to increase leads – all while helping to improve SEO!

Hot Off
the Press

Develop thought leadership content, create press releases, develop relationships with trade publications and local readers to help get recognition as an industry leader and generate free advertising. Creating a persona, leveraging your domain expertise, CYO will leverage relationships in media to get your business in news publications to help increase exposure.


    The beauty of digital marketing is that everything is highly measurable. Think of this being closed loop marketing. With traditional advertising mediums you are broadcasting to the masses and in some cases building awareness has a purpose. However when you have a tight budget and need to see results digital marketing done right with strong calls to action can all be measured. CYO is committed to meeting with our clients on a regular basis to discuss campaign performance, lead generation, conversion rates, cost per lead, etc.