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So You Wanna Be Marketing on SnapChat?
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Add me to SnapChat @dennisschiraldi

The reason why Gary Vaynerchuk has such a huge following on social media is because he’s really freaking great at what he does. While the recent endorsement of SnapChat by Gary has help to increase visibility (as of late) and bring it street cred, making it widely acceptable for social media strategist to consider SnapChat as a legitimate platform in their digital marketing strategy.

“The fact will remain that in the early days of Facebook and Twitter. Remember, when you posted stuff and no one, I mean no one would respond. It took weeks, months and years to start to build engagement…”

The only way you can get good at something whether it’s the content you produce, the outcomes you are trying to drive or whatever it is…You’ve got to use it. While going all in on SnapChat feels great because momentum…

The fact will remain that in the early days of Facebook and Twitter. Remember, when you posted stuff and no one, I mean no one would respond. It took weeks, months and years to start to build engagement. And if you don’t you either not being honest or you weren’t marketing on social in the old days.

As you walk into new social media frontiers be prepared to be humbled. But walk bravely because if you sit out today, you will be saying the same exact thing people were saying about Twitter, “if I had only built my following or mastered the platform back then I would have it down now.” Some things to consider when you go to SnapChat:

How will you measure ROI?

It’s nice to say that social media builds brand awareness and there is value in that strategy. A tremendous value, brand recognition in return for time. This equates into engagement, which should convert. Connecting the dots is challenging. Don’t get me wrong as a digital marketing strategist it’s better than it ever has been. But for people writing the checks it’s a constant struggle to articulate what they get from being on social. People want to pay for results that translate into business. ROI – simply stated that if you spend X you make 10x’ Y. Unfortunately the zero sum game of building brand awareness is appreciated, undervalued, but lost on people who stroke a check each month for marketing.

Analytics – What are the KPI’s?

In the early days of Facebook or Twitter, which by the way both have extremely useful and intuitive analytics built right into their platforms. You weren’t able to quantify the amount of engagement, impressions or reach. I hear a lot of social media con-artist, I mean experts abandoning reach and impressions. It’s the old way vs. the new way. I think it’s bull…Measuring impressions and reach has an impact on engagement. Shares and comments higher value of engagement which is a result of initial reach and impressions. Again, SnapChat, you’ve got to get very rudimentary with the number of eyeballs that view a Snap. I’m cool with it I get it…But again the person that strokes the check at the end of the month isn’t in it for how many followers line up today and view.

Company vs. Personal

In order to be on SnapChat you’ve got to be very creative with your strategy. I would have no problem with everyone that works for a company engaging with an audience on SnapChat to promote the brand. However a company needs to create a SnapChat account. Technically allowed but not a offical page. Big deal I can live with it. However logging in/out representing the brand and individual is a complete pain in the you know what…

Viral Nature of Social

One of the big values, at least for me is that there’s an opportunity for information that’s disseminated via the web or on social media to be spread. Sharing…Turning the masses into your online marketing community. You do have the ability to share information in SnapChat but it’s 1×1 vs. into your story. The trade-off is that this should translate to better engagement.


Net net, there’s no doubt that in the social media community space SnapChat is hot. Never hurts when a guy like Gary Vaynerchuk and his legions of followers completely goes on the soap box to promote a social media platform he’s invested in. I get it, I think you have to read through that…However the brands that go this direction today, to quote Gary, “will be winning in the future!”

Take from a person that was first in space with healthcare on social…If you build the technique, voice, brand recognition and a following before everyone else is there…You will reap the ROI in the future. I am a fan, just as I posted in a blog SnapChat is the New Facebook.┬áJust be aware…as many of you are still trying to sell the people who hold the purse strings the value of Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram you will have your work cut out for you with SnapChat.

If you want to talk digital marketing any time or better yet follow me on SnapChat you can find me @dennisschiraldi.


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