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3 Essential Ways to Use Content Marketing in Youngstown, Ohio to Grow Top of Funnel Sales Leads

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Modern Marketing Has Changed

It used to be …The main strategy for finding new prospects for the sales funnel used to be entirely a push strategy: Push brand messages in front of as many people as possible, as often as possible, and via as many channels as possible – print, TV, radio, direct mail, display ads, phone calls. And it worked. Brands enjoyed huge economies of scale by capturing more customers than theyaggravated … and the latter had few options to cause much of a ruckus about it. Those days are gone.

3 Esstential Ways to Use Content Marketing to Generate Sales Leads – Download Free eBook Today!

Today’s buyers are online, engaged, empowered, and in full control of their journey. They’re far less responsive to “push” marketing, and they’re far less likely to give you a second glance unless you appeal to what they need and want … when they need and want it.

So how do today’s marketers fill the funnel?

They use content marketing. Since every funnel gets filled from the top, this eBook focuses on the three key ways content marketing is used to attract and generate leads at the top of the funnel. Whether you’re a start-up, new to marketing, or simply want a refresher, this eBook will give you the basics of content marketing and set you on the path to lead generation success.


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So … What is Content Marketing?

To find out, be sure to download our free eBook today!


CYO Marketing is the premier content marketing agency in Youngstown, Ohio. We modern day best practices to help our clients generate high quaility cost effetive leads. It’s proven that content marketing strategies cost 62% less than traditional disruptive marketing tactics, such as newspaper, TV, radio and billboard advertising and generate 3x more leads. Let us help bring joy to your marketing campaigns in 2015 by devising a content marketing strategy for your business!

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A Lawyer, Accountant and a Marketing Professional Walk Into a Bar


At one time or another we’ve all put on our attorney hat, only to soon realize we are were in over our heads. The realization that keeps you up at night, that the plan you drew up on the back of a napkin will be detrimental in the long term. Legal services expertise, done right, will position you for the best possible outcome…

Your accountant should present a cost savings to your business. In the perfect world your accountant would be a connector of clients with shared interest to help build your business so they’ve got more of your money to count. At the end of the day, you can do your own taxes but don’t you sleep better at night know a certified professional has your back…

Whether you are an accountant or attorney you’ve got to pass a test saying you are certified to practice your craft, probably lending to the credibility of the service provided. Often times though the penalties from the governing bodies outweighs certification and the fact that these are agencies that keep us in check financially and legally.

The one professional service that stands to have the biggest impact on your business, drive revenue and generate a Return On Investment (ROI) is often times the most neglected. Assigned to the business owner, a de facto family member or to chance. The fact remains, the one professional service that should be keeping you up at night…Is the life blood of your business, the one that stands the most chance to drive revenue and is the one that helps you to acquire new customers and retain the ones you got is marketing!

About Us!

CYO Marketing is the premier marketing agency in Youngstown, Ohio. We are dedicated towards providing ongoing day-to-day management and consultation services that will help grow your business. When accounting and legal services become a cost center, your marketing services organization should be a profit center. If not, maybe it’s time for you to make a change!



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What if we built websites to be like grocery stores?


Grocery stores have long since figured out how to get you into a store and what to do with you once you get there. The psychology behind it all is a little spooky and fascinating all in the same breath. It’s similar to the Las Vegas effect, once you get into a casino it’s hard to find your way out. This my friends is not an accident.

Inspiration comes in many ways, for me, this weekend combining my love of food with some Sunday morning reading I came across an article in Bon Appetit – How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket. It’s a fantastic read for anyone in marketing. For a very long time food stores figured it out. They put the sugary cereals at eye level so your kids will see it. The design, the layout, the color schemes and something the article highlights which was the first I heard it…In every grocery store in America the milk is always buried in the back left of the bowls of the store, by design!


As a consumer you’ve got to cover a ton of real estate inside of a store to get to the milk. Stores know this, marketing professionals know this, brand managers know this…There’s a very good chance that along the way you’ll end up needing buy something else. Upping your spend, exactly what they want you to do.

Again by design…grocery stores walk you in a counter clockwise fashion. The reason being is that most of the world’s population is right handed and it’s easier to load your cart. There are all kinds of other sublte things that happen on purpose that have an impact on your behavior. From the color of the fruit, smells, the little old lady passing out free samples that really isn’t trying to sell you samples of that food, but to appeal to your senses…So forth and so on.

The real point to this analogy is applying the same thought process to web design. How can we design a website that makes people not want to leave? A design so elegant that appeals to the senses in every way. The on purpose by design. I tend to use the Vegas reference a lot with my clients. Typically once a person interacts with your brand online we want to keep them engaged for as long as we possibly can, I’m not sure I coined the phrase, maybe I should. I like to reference something I call your digital ecosystem. It’s your version of the grocery store meets Caesar’s Palace.

Think about it, where’s the milk buried on your website?

CYO Marketing is the premier digital marketing agency in Youngstown, Ohio. We can help create the Las Vegas effect through elegant design of your digital footprint, starting with your website, launching and managing social media and implementing marketing automation software.



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3 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content


The definition of repurpose is – adapt for use in a different purpose. This is most important in the world of content marketing. Where content is king but it’s also a beast with a bottomless pit of an appetite. Here are three ways to leverage the content that is generated from a webinar to integrate into your content marketing strategy:

Transcribe – Be sure to get a written transcription of your webinar. There’s so much good content to repurpose for blogs, case studies, newsletters, emails,  Tweets and use on other social media sites. Tease out quotes, a paragraph or two. The amount of content generated in a 45 minute webinar can keep your content marketing going for months.

Recording – Re-use of the recorded version of the webinar is nothing new. However breaking it down into the sum of the parts is key. Using small 1 to 3 minute segments as teasers to push people back to your full version of the recording that’s going to capture downloaded registration information is key. Although, my experience in over 75 webinars produced, the amount of post webinar downloads in nominal. Which I generally refer to this as the on-demand version to try and change it up a bit.

Training Videos – New hires, existing employees, marketing, sales, operations, etc. Doesn’t matter, this is a target rich environment for getting people energized about your brand, products and tactical marketing strategies. I encourage you to embrace this videos for you own company and think of them as your own training videos.

While it’s important to re-purpose your webinar content, be sure to follow up on leads in a timely fashion. Also keep in mind that the information is not just going to get out on its own. Have a content marketing editorial strategy that’s devised of what and when you will push things out.

CYO Marketing is the premier digital marketing agency in Youngstown, Ohio. We’ve delivered over 75 webinars to a wide range of clients in various industries that have generated thousands leads, millions in sales revenue and tons of great content. Not quite ready to call us for some awesome advice, download our free eBook on webinar best practices today!


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A Bunch of Ways to Ruin Your Next Webinar

So many things I love about webinars for businesses. Most of all they work! Not only do they generate highly qualified sales leads but provide our clients with a great deal of content. Instead of telling you all the great tips and tricks how to execute the perfect webinar we figured we give you a bunch of ways to screw up your next webinar and ensure that it’s a complete and utter dumpster fire, of course we do not condone these ideas!



Wing It – Instead of identifying your goals, topic, promotion plan, logistics, etc. for a webinar. Just go with the fact that you do presentations all the time, you speak in front of people and your a master of the mic.



Goals – To elaborate a little more…Make you sure you don’t shoot for a specific number of registrants, attendees, qualifed leads, conversions and wins. This way you’ll have no idea to measure success.



Promotional Plan – Email, I scoff at the use of the most effective tool there is for getting people to sign up. Who cares if you send out 1 or 2, maybe 3 well thought out email promotions that track open and clickthrough rate performance and removing anyone that actually signs up. Social, hmmm, don’t think there’s much to this social media thing, especially the 1.5B on Facebook, the millions of Tweets with industry trending topics and hastags to gain eyes on and of course no B2B in their right mind is going to be on LinkedIn. Come to think of it throw away the blog, newsletter and any other coordinated fashion between sales, marketing and editorial calendars and planning. Again see #1 and wing it!




Logistics – Go-To-Meeting, Cisco WebEx, Join Me and many others are all created equal. You don’t need to get familiar with any of these tools because they are sophisticated tech platforms that ALWAYS work.




Phone – Be sure to dial in from a noisy location, Starbucks will usually do the trick and make sure you are not using a very reliable clear connection like a landline.


Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.06.51 PM

Presentation – Back to the you speak in front of people all the time and speaking into your computer screen when you cannot see the hundreds of people that are on your event is exactly the same. Be sure to sieze the day and wear your PJ’s for the presentation…It’ll be the only time in life you can pull that one off!



Script – Make sure you read your webinar word-for-word while you are shuffling around papers quietly pretending to know that we don’t know that you are reading it. Why? Because being your natural human self sucks, people like robots, that read in monotone and have no inflection. It literally is so effective it helps put my kids to sleep every night!


Engagement – Whatever you do don’t worry about picking a compelling topic, great speaker or trying to engage with your audience over polling questions or the chat feature. You and your awesome products are going to be so compelling that people are going to stop whatever it is in their busy lives to give you an hour of their life, that they will never get back, to listen to you pontificate about how great your widget can help them.



Content – Whatever you do…do not repurpose any of your awesome content in blogs, SlideShare, YouTube, etc.



Lead Follow Up – Don’t follow up with anyone that could potentially be a lead, wait for them to call you with praise of how great your were for entertaining them for an hour!


CYO Marketing is the premier digital marketing company in Youngstown, Ohio. We have produced over 75+ webinars for clients. These webinars have generated thousands of leads, created a bunch of great content to re-purpose later and contributed millions of dollars in sales revenue. A webinar is a great way to generate leads for any business.

What’s even more impressive is that we’ve recently partnered with The Business Journal Daily for webinar events. What this means…You now get The Business Journal’s critical mass and there’s a lot of it. Over 100,000 monthly page views, 60,000 monthly visits to their website, over 36,000 unique visitors and 6,000 plus that have subscribed to their daily emails. Combined with CYO Marketing’s experience with delivering webinars!

If you want to be sure your next webinar is not a failure be sure to consult with us. We will manage, plan, organize and execute every facet of your next webinar ensuring that it is a great webinar event! To learn about webinar best practices from the best in Youngstown, Ohio download our free eBook today to learn more.



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The Risk of Not Being On Social Media

What’s the risk of social media? How about the risk of not being on social media!

According to the American Marketing Association and other professional organizatoins, such as Google. 90% of all purchasing decisions start with online search. Furthermore it’s very well documented that in a B2B setting 75% of people have already investigated a company and/or product before ever speaking to a sales person.

So what’s the risk of not have a solid integrated marketing strategy that combines digital and direct efforts? It’s the risk of losing customers or better yet never gaining customers. It’s the risk of having someone else determine your online reputation.

Thinking there’s a risk to having an online presence is backward thinking 5 years ago. The reward infintely outweighs the risk. The risk is too great no

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How to incorporate #TBT into your digital marketing startegy

Even wonder when, where and how Throw Back Thursday became such a phenomenon?

It’s kinda of like asking who is responsible for the hotdog, ice cream and french fries. While we might not put these individuals into on the Mt. Rushmore of inventors these gifts are celebrated daily or in this case every Thursday.

I’ll let another blog explain what it is and how it all got started, Dumb & Genius – What is Throw Back Thursday! For us it’s not about the who, what and why, but more importantly how you can incorporate #TBT into your digital marketing strategy.

This is the launch of our #TBT blog series which we will highlight all things Throw Back Thursday in relationship to marketing and advertising. However today’s version is to share some ideas with you. Share generously and steal shamelessly right.

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What is relevant content?

What is relevant content?

We hear the term all the time that content is king. In order for it (content) to resonate with your targeted audience it needs to be compelling, engaging and of course relevant. Not only relevant to your business but to the platform you’ll be putting the messaging out.

I’d like to share with you a recent pitch meeting held with Danny Catullo, owner of Catullo Prime Meats. We were discussing digital marketing strategy, first and foremost he’s incredibly knowledgable when it comes to leveraging social media and digital marketing to grow his brand and generate business.

Most conversations with small businesses start with educating them on how to use social media, he and I were discussing refinement of his strategy. He posed a question of how he could inorporate all the former employees that are part of the rich history of Catullo Prime Meats.

That’s somewhat tough, because if you don’t approach it the right way it would just come off as wrong. My recommendation was to take all the alumni on Throw-Back-Thursdays, which has become a very popular #tbt. Building off this momentum of a trending hashtag gives you an opportunity to get greater exposure, which means broader audience.

As you can see, I recommended he take a picture of the featured former employee of the week and #TBT, which makes this relevant content on a Thursday. On a Tuesday not so much, but on a #TBT it works. Second, you need something to say in the post. Otherwise it just looks like using that person to generate likes, shares, comments and so forth.

I threw out the statement that – Celebrating our rich employee history on a #tbt, etc. Danny took the rest and ran with it. I highly commend the execution, most business owners would step tenatively into the pool but a well thought out posting, there’s nothing to lose.

Ideas are great but the execution of them becomes impeartive. To see more great marketing of a small business doing great things be sure to check out Catullo Prime Meats, you’ll be blown away with their integration of social media channels, online store and overall great products. Oh and it wouldn’t hurt why your there to either stop in the store or make a purchase, Danny is a great guy and you will not be disappointed with his product!

For more great marketing ideas be sure to sign up to get our blog sent right to your inbox!

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How to Generate Leads with Social Media


Social media is a powerful, personal top-of-funnel awareness tactic, and of course it’s mandatory for reputation management. It can help you maintain your customer community as well. Learn how to find and cultivate social influencers, and get best practices, tips and tricks for consistently great results.

Social Media Facts

  • Social media sites and blogs reach 8 out of 10 of all U.S. Internet users and account for 23% of all time spent online.
    [Content Marketing Institute]
  • 34% of marketers today have generated leads via Twitter; another 20% have used the site to close deals.
    [Media Bistro]
  • As of 2013, 87% of marketers use social media to distribute content.
    [Content Marketing Institute]
  • Companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads than their competitors.
  • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human.
    [Gartner Research]

Learn more about generating leads from social media by downloading our free eBook provided by Act-On!


This information provided to CYO Marketing by Act-On, a Marketing Automation Software Company, which is our MAS of choice. CYO Marketing specializes is the premier digital marketing agency in Youngstown, Ohio. We are committed to generating high quality cost effective leads for our customers.



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Ice Bucket Challege Data Visualization


All things are considered relative and local. The Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral sensation that produced:

17 Million Videos Shared

10 Billion Views

$113 Million Donated

That’s a whole hell of a lot of awareness and money. What’s your cause and how are you going to get that story out to the world!

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