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Three ways for marketing to win over sales

I’ve been in a unique position to have been in both sales and marketing roles in my career. This perspective has helped me to have a great relationship with sales while in marketing roles and vice versa. There are a number of companies that have a fracture between their sales and marketing departments. It is literally the big pink elephant in the room that everyone resists to acknowledge is present. Below are three ways for marketing to win sales over, none of them have anything to do with providing warm qualified leads, and everything to do with improving and growing the relationship between sales and marketing:


1. Walk in their shoes – Marketing people that sit in the ivory tower are missing a big beautiful world. How can you possibly market you goods if you are not out with the feet in the streets. The best way to do this is to be out regularly with sales, in front of customers, hearing the feedback directly from the end user, listening to the objections, living through the rejection and celebrating the success. Sales will respect you 1000% more by simply making yourself available on their turf. This includes at all company functions hanging with your sales teams at dinner, happy hour, and social functions. Be sure to pick up a few checks along the way.

2. We vs. You – Marketing tends to leverage sales, in addition to marketing, to help drive behavior for events, such as webinars, trade shows or simply in marketing. You will need buy in from sales to ensure the success of a program. It starts by pulling everyone along, this is much better accomplished when everyone is in the same boat, rowing the same direction. Never, ever, ever, address your sales force with “you.” Instead “we” have an upcoming trade show and “we” have a goal of hitting a certain lead count and here’s what “we” are going to do. Doesn’t matter if it’s an email, conference call…and for me, it is always “we.”

3. Treat sales as a customer – Fellow marketing professionals will more than likely disagree with my following statement but it’s true. Marketing should look to support sales in any capacity necessary in order to help win more deals…as opposed to many marketers feeling sales supports marketing. If you treat your sales force like they are your customer you will see a big improvement in meeting the needs of sales and winning more deals.

Whether you are in sales or marketing…the better the two functions are living together in harmony the more likely your organization is to hit your business objectives! On June 21, 2013, CYO Marketing will be hosting a webinar on how to use LinkedIn to win your next big deal. Please join us today!

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Happy Father’s Day – Brushbacked by Dad!

My dad was the coach of our 10 year old little league all star team. As he was pitching batting practice and providing hitting advice I wasn’t fully listening and may have been talking back. The next pitch wound up in my back. I went down in a heap, laying in the dirt crying. I got up dusted myself off and went back to work.

It might not be the heartfelt Father’s Day story you were expecting. However this has become a very funny story around our kitchen table and defines a much different era of raising kids. I’m sure children’s services would probably want to sit down with my pops over that one. I’m a lucky person, my dad is a very practical individual and big on common sense. 

A vet of the Vietnam War, a blue collar guy, my little league baseball coach, disciplinarian and overall a great human being. I learned my work ethic from watching my father get out of bed every day at 5AM and go to work at the Falcon Foundry, where he was the foreman of the pattern shop. Pattern makers are highly skilled carpenters, which is a 5 year apprenticeship and has become a lost art. 

Mt. biking Alum Creek in Columbus, Ohio.

No better way to spend Father’s Day than with a mt. bike ride with my two little guys at Alum Creek! 

One of my dad’s greatest qualities was letting me fail small to avoid the major pitfalls in life. On one occasion I was doing poorly in school, my dad took me to parent teacher conference with him. We sat down with Dick Williams, still to this day my favorite teacher and coach. He taught my dad in high school and are now golfing buddies. Mr. Williams explained to my dad with me sitting right in his presence, that I was screwing off, getting average marks with open book tests. Without missing a beat my dad looked at Mr. Williams and responded, “Dick feel free to take him out of the classroom anytime to smack him around to straighten him out…” My jaw was on the ground, we immediately got up and left. I believe my grades improved after that meeting. 

Now that I’m a dad, it is the most important job I will ever have, also this is the happiest I’ve been in my entire life. Spending time with my three wonderful children and teaching them all the things in life that were passed on to me is priceless. 

As my dad did for me, I’m trying to build a solid foundation (in them) such as: Love, respect, kindness, toughness, or holding the door open for a person entering a store, all the things it take to be a good human being. I love sharing in their joy when we go to a ball game, catch a fish or go mountain biking on the local single track. Most important I cherish every moment of every day that I get to spend with these wonderful little people as we mold them into adults. As any parent, I wish nothing but the best for my kids and will give them every tool possible to do what my dad did for me. 

Happy Father’s Day!




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No One is Watching

Life’s easy when everyone is watching, but what do you do when no one has eyes on you! Do you give back the extra change, report the vacation time, comp the extra expense, go the extra mile? If you end up doing things the right way, life will pay you back!

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How the Smart Phone Ruined the Bar Bet

Smartphones have completely ruined an age old tradition of settling disagreements on topics such as athletics, movies, and politics with a casual bar bet. The advent of people going to their handheld devices to find the answers to the most trivial topics has regulated bartenders to just pouring the drinks.

I tell my younger friends my remember when stories, but suddenly I recognize I’m dating myself. With three kids and a company to run I’m not a regular at any bar, which is probably a good thing. But I reminisce about the good ole’ days when all I had was a dollar bet and a dream!

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Three ways to improve your prospecting on LinkedIn

I can remember exact day and time I was asked to join LinkedIn, which has now grown to over 100 million users. It’s become the go to for professional networking, a great way to prospect, search for job opportunities, gain thought leadership and so much more. I’ve managed to build a network close to 1,000 people since I joined in 2004, a majority of which have all been via free account, except for my 30 day free premium trial. Here are three things to remember to help improve your prospecting on LinkedIn:

 1. Make It Personal – It’s easy to be a volume operator by uploading a CSV. file of contacts or importing your email address book. I’ve seen results as high as 10-20% when doing a bulk invite, however my most meaningful relationships on LinkedIn are the ones I’ve sent a personal message when inviting to connect.

 2. Advanced People Search – Searching for contacts is one thing, but utilizing the advanced people search can dramatically help in streamlining your criteria by applying the appropriate filters. You are able to save the search and set a weekly email of new contacts in that particular advanced people search. This is a great way to get new updates on people on LinkedIn in your targeted searches.

 3. Activity – Listen, post, join groups, look for clues, follow companies, introduce people and help them to connect, go through your contacts and email 10 per week to ask how they are doing and if they are working on anything interesting. 

 If you’d like to talk more on how to leverage LinkedIn with your sales team be sure to contact us or send a direct email to We’d love to hear from you on how you utilize LinkedIn to prospect, please leave a comment and be sure to follow our LinkedIn company page at CYO Marketing LinkedIn.

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Who do you know…better yet who knows you?


How do you stand out in a crowd?


Do people remember you?

Do consumers remember your product?

What do you do to get them to tune in and tune out the rest of the noise?

Hopefully you don’t have to wear gold chains and sport a mohawk!

I like to think, instead of who I know, who knows me!

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Three Things to Remember to Help Improve Your Next Webinar


Three Things to Remember to Help Improve Your Next Webinar

  1. Be Compelling – I spent time in Media Bistro’s Social Media Bootcamp last year. Mike Monello, of the Blair Witch Project and Campfire, presented a wonderful story to make his point on the topic of Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. His whole point, which was so well made, was to be compelling. Think of your product as an opportunity to tell a story. The more compelling you can create that story the more likely you will create interest, convert non-believers to believers and drive results. 
  2. Engagement – A webinar is a great opportunity to connect with your content but not you unless you make it personal.  It starts by asking thoughtful registration questions that will help you to qualify participants but not be too invasive, this will help you to get information that will never be answered in a post webinar survey. Turn on the camera and let them see your face, explain you are doing everything you can to make it interactive by using the chat and polling questions throughout the webinar. Assign yourself or someone in your company to moderate the chat, ask for a show of hands a couple of times, repeat questions in the chat for everyone to see and thank the person by first name only for asking. Be sure to conduct polling questions at section breaks. I like to use a webinar platform that will post it (the question) on the screen rather than the  sidebar. Announce the polling question, read it and give a participation update, encourage people to participate. Wrap up the webinar with a live Q&A, if there are no questions restate 2 or 3 that were posted in the chat during the event.
  3. Timely Follow Up – For any lead generated, the longer it takes for follow up the less likely it will turn into a sales qualified lead. Harvard Business Review conducted a study that found companies that follow up within 1 hour from the time the lead was generated are 7x more effective to qualify the lead and 60x greater than those that wait 24 hours. While an automatic email (post webinar) is great for a show of appreciation. A phone call to participants (post webinar) referencing the event is the best way to turn a participant into a prospect. Which has a greater potential to convert into an opportunity and eventually a new customer!

CYO Marketing is the premier digital marketing agency in Youngstown, Ohio. We’ve conducted over 50 webinars that have generated thousands of leads and contributed 10’s of millions of dollars in sales opportunities. Download our complimentary ebook on webinar best practices to learn how your business can start generating warm sales leads today through webinar events.



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American Flags

We are thankful for our freedom and take a moment to reflect, for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy these freedoms!

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If Everyone Had an Elephant!



If everyone had an elephant to parade down main street to attract their target audience, marketing would be so much easier! Do you have an elephant? 


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Saving the planet one lead at a time!


CYO Marketing is officially open for business!

We are dedicated towards generating high quality cost effective leads for our customers, we believe that all businesses big or small should have access to world class marketing services and we strongly believe that marketing in the new digital era is highly measurable and every action taken is a result to generate Return On Investment (ROI) for our customers!

read more…

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