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TEDx Youngstown is Back

When I think back to my TEDx Youngstown experience, it was and is one of the highlights of my professional career. It’s probably one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had in the adult world excluding the birth of my children and marrying the love of my life!

This week’s Throw Back Thursday #TBT Blog is celebrating my TEDx Youngstown moment. Tickets for the 2015 event went on sale this week, get yours today by going here: TEDx Youngstown 2015 Tickets Buy Today!

Enjoy – share, like and comment. For those speaking in 2015, embrace the moment and every aspect. TEDx is a life alterning event!
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An Idea Worth Sharing at TEDx Youngstown – The Three “P’s” of Innovation

TEDx Youngstown – Dennis Schiraldi discussing who invented the MRI and the importance of having passion, a product that solves a problem and the importance of promotion!


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Advice 1

Ever wonder why it’s so important for your business to get found online. It’s pretty simple, ever go by the 1st page on a Google search to find something you are looking for, whether product, service, directions or just about anything?

Chances are no…We place emphasis on businesses that have a listing in the top 3 to 5 placements. Sometimes it’s just out of sheer laziness on our part and the other is that instant gratification rules the world, what can I have right now.

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There’s also a belief that a business that rates that high in search must just be better. Fact of the matter is that we’ve grown into a society that will look at online reviews and take advice from people we’ve never met.

At night multi-tasking typically consists of being on a laptop, smart phone in hand while watching TV, it’s where we get our information. Social media networking sites rule the world for most part. While many working adults should have mastered LinkedIn they are experts of their Facebook domain.

Think about it, the average American spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook, 1 in 5 views on the web is of Facebook. And it just keeps getting better and better. Twitter, Instagram, Email, online search, it’s maddening. Better yet how many people are watching TV with their laptop and smart phone. Why? People want to be connected, they want to feel like they are part of the broadcast, whether it’s award season for the entertainment industry, such as the Golden Globes or the Oscars, the Bachelor or the NFL Playoffs.

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Saturday Morning Marketing Sessions


Why Digital Marketing Outperforms Traditional Advertising!

Traditional marketing tactics, such as TV, newspaper, radio and billboards are first up very expensive. Second understanding conversion is nearly impossible. Third everyone is looking at their phone. Fourth online content provides more engagement. Fifth it empowers a consumer to see only what they want to see. And that’s just a handful of really good reasons why you need to be online.

Facebook marketing on the surface seems like a relatively easy proposition. Anyone with an email and a password can be up and running on just about any social media site.

Often times left to a family member or friend simply because they have a lot of friends and they seem good at it. The reality kicks in when you post one or two times and the phone doesn’t ring. It’s at that point many people claim it’s not working.

The problem that most businesses face with digital marketing strategy is that they really don’t know where to begin. Facebook marketing on the surface seems like a relatively easy proposition. Anyone with an email and a password can be up and running on just about any social media site.

Often times left to a family member or friend simply because they have a lot of friends and they seem good at it. The reality kicks in when you post one or two times and the phone doesn’t ring. It’s at that point many people claim it’s not working.

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So social media not only presents a challenge and it’s hard to get people back once it doesn’t work the first time. They have no idea of how Search Engine Optimization works, getting found in organic search on Google, the importance of having consistency on their online listing properties and so on.

It can be a daunting task, couple with the fact that social media, online search, Google changes literally daily! It’s difficult to keep up. However that’s where CYO comes into play. CYO Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy.

About Us

Owner Dennis Schiraldi has over 15 years of experience using digital marketing strategy to grow businesses, generate revenue and push positive ROI through recognized best practices in digital marketing which include: SEO, PPC, email and social media marketing, blogging, content marketing and much more.

He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and recognizable local businesses such as: The Business Journal Daily, NYO Property Group and the Youngstown Business Incubator. Additionally Dennis is a part-time professor at Youngstown State University where he instructs classes on social media marketing and communications. As a recognized thought leader he’s given highly energized presentations at TEDx Youngstown, the Mayo Clinic Social Media Healthcare Summit and the American Marketing Association.

Dennis is a outcomes driven marketing professional as he’s generated thousands of leads that have contributed to millions of dollars in revenue for companies of various sizes and industries.

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Saturday Morning Marketing Sessions - Digital Marketing Workshop

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College Professor – Add That to the Resume




By: Dennis Schiraldi – Digital marketing strategist & Youngstown State University Part-Time Professor

Typically the response given when people ask what I have been up to over the past three months is,”wow you teach in college?”

Funny I know…While it is only a part-time adjunct professor role at Youngstown State University and to the surprise of friends and family, it still counts.

“I have to tell you, becoming a college professor was a 20 year plan, goal and dream finally recognized three months ago.”

We live in a time where everything is predicated on instant gratification, it all happens now. Long-term career plans are somewhat limited. I have to tell you, becoming a college professor was a 20 year plan of mine. That goal, that dream finally recognized three months ago.

The reality of this dream could probably happened a lot sooner, however it takes an exhaustive amount of time to learn your craft, stay relevant on the changes in digital and social media marketing due to the velocity at how it is evolving and be able to position yourself as someone with expertise in digital marketing.

To stay relevant with these changes you have to work extremely hard. And after 10+ years of studying my craft, let’s just say that Rome wasn’t built overnight nor was my knowledge of social media and digital marketing.

Do They Pay You to Teach?

We also live in a time where the perceived value and importance of a job is predicated upon how much or little money you get paid. Prestige is completely non-existent or better yet, a dream job recognized. I cannot tell you how many times over the past three months that not only did I get the you teach in college surprised look on the face question, but “do they pay you?”

The other question I got a lot as well is, “how much?”

For real?

It goes out the window that I am teaching social media in an academic setting at a pretty good university. No wait a damn good university. In order to get the appointment you got to know your stuff, they just don’t let anyone teach in college.


I have to thank Dr. Adam Earnheardt, follow him on Twitter, he’ll appreciate it! We met and spoke at TEDx Youngstown. Adam also writes for the Vindicator, just completed an awesome book called The ESPN Effect (hint it’ll make a great Christmas gift), is the chair of the communications department at YSU, it goes on and on with this man. He’s truly great at what he does, we are lucky to have him here in Youngstown and he’s the reason why I’ve been given this opportunity.

I will leave you with this…Follow your dreams, your passions, dreams don’t happen over night. Recognizing and achieving my goal was a marathon. I can honestly say I loved the process of getting to where I am to teach in college because I love marketing, I really love the digital marketing space and totally love being a college professor. Anytime you want to talk about digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, marketing in general the Saturday Morning Marketing Sessions are going to be totally awesome, complete the contact us page to schedule your time today!

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So your product is just going to sell itself?

So you think your product will just sell itself. The classic inventor, coder, developer who falls in love with their idea and has the narcissistic approach that the world will just figure it out through osmosis is destined for failure.  Venture Beat, a publication we admire, published an article Hey, software makers: Skip the sales team. Go freemium to build a $1B business.

Let’s not full ourselves, Apple built an empire of $1.00 iTunes transactions, GE with the light bulb, but they also have sales teams to address the complexity of enterprise deals . It’s possible, don’t get me wrong. For the right product, in the right vertical, when the stars align and your developers walk across a rather large body of water, yes, it will work.

So does going down to your local 7-Eleven and playing the lottery. However, in B2B software sales, especially in enterprise situations things more often times than not get difficult. Even as the web has become a $10 per month subscription environment, which is a fine way to grow market share, in addition to the 5, 7 or 30 day freemium model. An Organization spending millions of dollars have complex workflow problems that need to be resolved and those problems generally get resolved by sales professionals that know when and who to pull into a conversation to overcome these challenges.

True there’s incompetence in sales, but those individuals don’t last very long in complex businesses.

We love technology because it is scalable. But customers have unique challenges and needs that require customizable solutions. It’s true, 95% of all purchases B2B or B2C start with some form of online search. 75% of companies will have already vetted your offering before ever speaking to a sales person. If you aren’t going to have a sales organization you might want to consider have really good marketing, like kick butt Chuck Norris type marketing, otherwise how are people going to find you?


There was a guy, he gave a TEDxYoungstown talk on the Three P’s of Innovation. Watch it. You’ll learn the cautionary tale of thinking that your product is the greatest thing ever invented but what will be the result if you fail to tell people about it.

I believe strongly that an organization needs to have all facets in place: An elegant product or solution that solves a problem, a solid marketing plan to engage and tell people about it on a mass scale that feels individualized and they need strong sales acumen that can understand the challenges of an organization, align the right resources and project manage to present a solution that solves for a problem.

I’d also be willing to tell you that if you’ve got a great product and bad marketing and no sales team you’ll be out of business rather quickly. But if you’ve got a sub-performing product, but great marketing and fantastic sales, you’ll be around a lot longer than you think.

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